From an Outdated System to an Efficient, Safe, and Cost-Effective Solution

Efficient Dust Extraction Solution Boosts Production for Glass Fiber Company: A VDL sister company's outdated extraction system was replaced with a JKF blower filter, resulting in improved suction, reduced noise, and efficient energy usage
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By VDL Industrial Products
Published May 08, 2024

The case

The client, a subsidiary of the well-known VDL Group, is a specialist in the production of glass fiber reinforced products. They operate several high-tech processing machines that are designed to produce high-quality products with consistent results. However, a significant issue arose with the milling operations on these machines as they produced large amounts of dust. The existing extraction system that was in place was unable to effectively remove the dust, causing it to accumulate in the work environment and creating a potential health hazard for the employees. The customer recognized the urgent need to address this problem and approached the company for a solution. They requested the installation of a new vacuum system that would have the capacity to handle a volume of ± 20,000 m³/hour. This would ensure that the suction capacity at the machines would be maximized and the clogging of the filter by the processed products would be prevented. The new vacuum system would provide a more effective and efficient means of removing the dust and ensuring a safer work environment for the employees.

The solution

The JKF Blower Filter 90-3 has been selected as the solution for the client's extraction process due to its exceptional features and capabilities. This state-of-the-art filter system has been designed to bring about a more efficient and effective extraction process, ensuring that the milling operations on the glass fiber reinforced products processing machines are carried out smoothly and without any hindrances. The cyclonic inlet and compressed air cleaning system of the filter enhances its efficiency and ensures that the dust produced during the milling operations is extracted effectively. The placement of the filter outside the premises eliminates any potential noise pollution and creates a more pleasant work environment for the employees. The summer/winter control system is a standout feature of the JKF Blower Filter 90-3. It allows for the captured warm air to be used for heating during the winter, which helps in reducing the energy costs, and during the summer, the warm air is expelled directly outside, providing a comfortable working environment. The waste bin of the filter system is equipped with a full notification system, and the filter has a built-in product buffer. This means that even when the waste bin needs to be emptied, the filter continues to operate, minimizing any potential production downtime and ensuring smooth and continuous operation.

The outcome

The customer was thoroughly pleased with the solution provided, which brought about a noticeable improvement in the dust extraction process. With its advanced features, such as its cyclonic inlet and compressed air cleaning system, the JKF blower filter 90-3 was able to effectively remove dust from the machines, resulting in a cleaner work environment for employees. The system's summer/winter control, pressure difference measurement-based frequency control, and the full notification system for the waste bin, ensured that the system was both energy-efficient and cost-effective, while also reducing downtime. Since the customer was so satisfied with the supplied solution and production activities are going to double, expansion of the dust extraction is also necessary. For this, in consultation with the customer, we have chosen to install a new filter with the same concept, but with a doubled capacity. In the future, a JKF blower filter type 90-5 will therefore be installed with a capacity of ± 40,000 m³/hour. The concept will be further improved by installing an internal transport system for the extracted product to an exchange container. This reduces production downtime even further and also makes changing the product discharge easier because this can be outsourced to an external company.

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