From being a small blacksmith to an international business, JKF has more than 65 years of dedication to clean air.

JKF is a leading provider of clean air solutions for industrial processing, with over 65 years of experience in the field. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and supplying projects, components, and equipment to remove dust and smoke from industrial processing. Our goal is to protect the environment and employees from the harmful effects of industrial processing.

Our range of solutions includes small filters and dust extraction components, as well as powerful fans that can transport over 111,000 cubic meters of air per hour. Our expertise and experience allow us to provide tailored ventilation solutions to various industries.

Clean air is a core philosophy at JKF. We are dedicated to supplying clean air to customers all around the world, and our contribution to a better global environment is based on our experience. We are committed to sustainable practices and it is part of our DNA. We strive to optimize energy and cut emissions in our work environment, and this is an integral part of how we do business.

JKF was founded in 1957 as a local blacksmith but has since grown to become a global partner for clients all around the world. We have a close bond with our customers and our evolution is dictated by their needs. We are constantly striving to improve and do better, aiming for sustainability in both our business and for the environment. We want to be the preferred supplier of clean air to all kinds of industries and our constant development is an important part of our business journey.

Why choose JKF?


At JKF, we pride ourselves on not only providing leading industry dust extraction systems, but also on our one-stop-shop concept. This concept builds upon our years of experience and close relationships with our customers. Throughout the years, we have had a close relationship with our customers and attended to their needs and suggestions. This has resulted in a steady growth of our product portfolio over the years, and today we offer ducting systems in various materials and surface treatments, filters, separators, rotary valves, fans, and ATEX components.

The staggering number of components has slowly pushed us toward the possibility of a long-term idea of the one-stop-shop concept. The idea aspired out of a conversation with a customer. The customer mentioned the struggle of dealing with many different component manufacturers when a dust extraction system had to be installed.

Today, we can proudly say that there is no need to deal with multiple suppliers when a dust extraction system must be built because we have it all. Therefore, the name one-stop-shop makes sense. We can produce and supply all the many different components needed, and our customers only have to shop once.

Customer is key

Even though we are not big fans of the word "customer," the headline is correct, nonetheless. Many of our customers are long-term partners, and we prefer to see it this way – as a partnership instead of just a customer.

At JKF, we value the partnerships that are created throughout the years. In a partnership, its all about working together to create something better, and we indeed work closely with our customers. As the manufacturer, our focus is on producing the best possible product, but we cannott do it on our own. That is why we are grateful for the feedback we receive from our customers.

Through our conversations with customers, we gain insight into different struggles they may face and get the hands-on experience needed to improve our products. That is why there have been many improvements in our products over the years, and its also why we can continue to add products to our portfolio. Together, we can help each other become better.


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JKF Industri A/S

JKF is the mother company and was founded by master smith Louis Nielsen in 1957. The Danish factory site, and head office of the group today, covers over 25.000 m² of up-to-date and modern administration, development, and production facilities. JKF has manufacturing plants at its subsidiaries in Malaysia and Poland. Apart from the two subsidiaries, JKF is a member of the NEU-JKF-group, which consists of a range of strong entities with each of their fields of expertise.

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NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o., Poland

NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o. (former JKF Polska) was founded in Wolsztyn in 1997, approx. 70 km south of Poznan. The purpose of the subsidiary company is to manufacture and supply components and process extraction for the industry in Poland. The comprehensive product program of ducting, fans, and filters is supplied to several different industry types throughout all of Poland. NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o. is not only a manufacturer, they are also able to design and install fully functional plants on site.

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NEU-JKF Asia Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

NEU-JKF Asia (former JKF Malaysia) was founded in Seremban in 1995, approx. 70 km south of Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of the subsidiary company is to manufacture and supply components and process extraction for the industry in South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The wide product program of ducting, fans, and filters is supplied to several different industry types throughout the entire region. NEU-JKF Asia, as well as the Polish subsidiary, is also capable of designing and installing solutions directly at the end users factory.