Filters and separators

Our filter programme ranges from extraction from a single machine using a portable vacuum cleaner to traditional modular filter solutions and advanced filter solutions with round, welded filters and SuperBlower filters. A filter consists basically of an inlet section, a filter section, a cleaning system and a discharge section.

JKF’s filters are particularly effective at filtering any form of dry material in any form of production facility within a large number of industries with the purpose of:

  • Remove undesirable contaminants such as particles, dust, smells, smoke or gases from process and/or working zones before they spread
  • Robust construction
  • Create balance between the volume flow blown-in and extracted

Separation of particles by filtering depends primarily on physical and mechanical effects. Common to all cleaning methods is that separation efficiency depends on particle size, where the degree of separation for the systems rises with rising particle size. In health terms the smallest particles are by far the most dangerous, as they can reach the respiratory passages via inhalation. Download the entire product catalogue below or chose specific product groups and products in the product overview to the right.