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JKF provides customized solutions for industries that generate harmful dust or steam in their production areas. These pollutants not only affect the working environment, but also the employees, causing increased absences from work and reduced efficiency. In collaboration with our dealers, we supply efficient extraction systems that comply with the different regulations and address the specific needs of each industry.
Our range of products, including filters, filter bags, ducts, cyclones, fans, and accessories, is carefully selected to suit our customers' requirements, and we offer both small and large solutions that fit the budget. All our products are designed with a focus on safety, environment, noise, performance, efficiency, and energy consumption, providing a competitive time of repayment of the total investment cost and a positive effect on the company's bottom line.

Working with different industries

JKF Industry is a leading provider of dust extraction solutions for a wide range of industries, including woodworking, metalworking, recycling, paper, and more. With over 65 years of experience in the field, JKF has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking effective dust extraction solutions that prioritize employee health and safety, while also improving the bottom line.

Providing tailored solutions for different industries

While JKF's roots are in the woodworking industry, the company has since expanded to serve a diverse range of industries with unique dust extraction challenges.

For example, in the metalworking industry, JKF provides solutions for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust, and metalworking fluids. In the recycling industry, JKF helps companies manage the extraction of dust and debris from sorting and shredding processes.
And in the paper industry, JKF has developed solutions for paper dust extraction, pulp mill processes, and more.

JKF's commitment to providing tailored solutions for each industry it serves has allowed the company to build a reputation for excellence in dust extraction. By working closely with customers to identify specific needs and challenges, JKF is able to design and install customized systems that deliver reliable and effective extraction, while also meeting compliance standards and regulations.

A wide range of products for different industries

In addition to providing tailored solutions for each industry, JKF's comprehensive product line ensures that the company is able to address a wide range of dust extraction needs. From rotary valves and fans to filters, filter bags, cyclones, and more, JKF offers a full range of products that can be used in process extraction systems across different industries.

JKF's focus on safety, environment, noise, performance, efficiency, reduction of costs, and energy consumption is a hallmark of its dust extraction solutions. By prioritizing these factors, JKF helps businesses not only meet compliance standards but also improve the bottom line by reducing downtime, minimizing maintenance costs, and increasing productivity.

It's no wonder that JKF has become a trusted partner for businesses across a diverse range of industries. With a commitment to excellence in dust extraction and a comprehensive product line that can be tailored to fit unique industry needs, JKF Industries is well-positioned to continue to provide innovative and effective solutions for years to come.

JKF solutions supports different industries

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