A Successful Implementation of an Efficient Dust Collection System for an Agricultural Plant Seed Producer

NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of JKF Industri, was recently approached by a producer of agricultural plant seed who was facing a problem with excessive dustiness in their facility.
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By NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o, Poland
Published May 08, 2024

The case

NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o., Poland is constantly expanding their expertise and capabilities to tackle projects beyond the wood industry. Recently, they successfully completed a project for a producer of agricultural plant seed. Their client approached them with the challenge of addressing the excessive dustiness in their facility, caused by fine dust generated during the filling of open charging hoppers and regular operation of their screening lines. They were also looking for a solution that would help them optimize their electricity consumption. In response, NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o., Poland designed and implemented a new, efficient dust collection system that effectively addressed their concerns. The project required them to dedust two Cimbria screening lines, a gravitational table, two charging hoppers, and irregularly working aspirations at three key transfer points, with a total air demand of 60,000 m3/h. The installation assembly was further complicated by the limited space in the facility, which required a high level of precision and professional execution. Despite these challenges, the team successfully installed the system, meeting and exceeding the client's expectations.

The solution

NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o., Poland, prides themself on their comprehensive approach to every project. This recent project was no exception. They designed and implemented a new, efficient dust collection system that effectively addressed the clients concerns. The solution consisted of multiple JKF products, such as pneumatic sliding dampers, JK-50 EXS rotary valves, and a JK-80MTD fan for clean operation. The system is divided into two main lines and use filling level sensors to control the flow of dust into big-bags, which guarantees maximum efficiency. The filtered material is then sent from the filters to big-bags via JK-50 EXS rotary valves. The system has  two bags with filling level sensors, one master, which is used constantly. When the first bag is full, the system starts loading dust into the reserve bag. The filter stands on the construction to ensure convenient access to big bags. The JK-80MTD fan for clean operation is located inside an acoustic booth, which reduces noise emissions to the environment. An air return channel was also installed, it can be used to expel filtered air outside the hall, but with the help of electric throttle valves, it can also be used to force the air into the hall, thus reducing heating costs and ensuring equalization of the pressure balance inside the hall.
The design also includes additional featues that offer many advantages such as:
  • Expandable filter with a modular design, made of thick, hardened, powder-coated sheet metal, which guarantees a long service life and high resistance to the force of the explosion
  • Installation of the fan on the clean side, which saves about 30% on electricity consumption compared to overpressure installations
  • Placing the fans on the ground, next to the filter, facilitates service and eliminates the need to interfere with the construction of the filter to remove the fan
  • Fan control using modern inverters and pressure sensors, each shutdown of the machine will reduce power consumption, saving the customer about 8% of energy at 100% operation of the installation

The outcome

After the installation of the dust collection system by NEU-JKF Sp. z o o, Poland, the initial tests revealed that all devices were workings as expected. The client was highly satisfied with the quality of all elements of the installation and the efficiency of its performance. The aspiration level in the hall was optimized, and the pollution issue that the client had been facing was effectively addressed. As a result the client decided to continue working with NEU-JKF Sp. z o o, and further extended the collaboration to include the installation of Delta-Spi cleaning stations using the compressed air. The Delta-Spi stations consist of a special injector and a gate valve, which will allow operators to vacuum hard-to-reach places that are beyond the reach of the installations's aspiration points using multiple cleaning tips. The outcome of the solution provided not only met, but exceeded the client's expectations.
"The installation with the SBF type filter installed at our Client is a way to meet the customer's expectations. We care about improving working conditions in places where dust is high. This affects not only the staff, but also the correct operation of technological lines. We care about customer satisfaction, which is why we are open to their suggestions and use professional solutions that ensure this satisfaction."

Maciej Świtała, Project Engineer

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